This isn’t about guns. This is about a political stunt where Attorney General Healey used a press conference to pump her own credentials with the people she wants to impress.

This is about stopping abuse of nearly a half million people that she declared felons.

That the Attorney General would in effect declare the most law abiding citizens of the Commonwealth as felons – who remain free simply by the whim of her ‘generosity’ – is an outrage that far surpasses the issue of guns. To do it knowing full well that none of this would have any impact on crime in this state is inexcusable.

We must remain motivated. We must remain vocal. And we must remain visible and annoying to all those that support this gross abuse of power. We know for a fact that the political elite are very surprised by the resistance they have received to Healey’s abusive actions, they are counting on us to have a short attention span, they are counting on us to quietly submit, they are WRONG.

We are in this to win and we will not quit, we will endure and we will overcome her abusive overreach.

BUT – and this part is VERY IMPORTANT!

We must remain honorable in our actions and words. It’s OK to be mad. It’s OK to demand justice. Do so from the position of the moral high ground. Otherwise our enemies will only focus on the negative. They cannot silence the truth, but they can trumpet our misdeeds very loudly.

Lets not give them anything to throw back.

Make the effort and stay in it to win it. Pledge to contact your state senator and representative every week or two without fail. Make the effort to attend events – nobody expects everyone to attend every event, but make those you can. Talk to your friends, neighbors, and community. Let them know what AG Healey really did and encourage them to join our efforts to end the abuse.

Next Event: August 28th – Location/Route/Time TBA – Roll With GOAL – “DUE PROCESSion” Rolling Rally to end abuse from AG Healey – #HealeyHurtsFamilies – Follow our social media and alert for more info soon! #DuePROCESSion

Healey Hurts Families.

The Next Steps Toward Ending AG Abuse