The Moms have a strange definition of the word “win”.

In Moms world, removing the choice of how a gun owner lawfully stores their firearms is a “win”.  This “win” will most likely get law abiding gun owners killed because he/she won’t have timely access to their firearm at a time of need.

There’s no “sense” in their “gunsense” only a one size fits none, statist, uncompromising vision of their definition of Second Amendment rights and firearms safety. In their world children can’t be trusted and can’t learn proper firearms safety, in their world every home has 2.3 children in a perfect neighborhood with no crime, in their world homes are never invaded by criminals, in their world guns are objects to be feared that should always be locked away so that “it” can’t hurt anyone.

Clearly their world has nothing to do with reality, many homes have no children, many homes are in high crime areas where a call to 911 results in a long wait before help arrives, many homes have parents that teach their children from an early age about firearms safety and responsibility, many parents rightfully trust their children and many gun owners are aware of the fact that firearms are a useful tool, rightfully owned to protect and defend life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The astroturf Moms dream up these actions in a NYC penthouse which, by the way, is most likely watched by an armed guard. They then try to force these actions as a one size fits all “win” upon legislators that don’t know any better, or worse agree with their “one size fits none” definition of “gun control”.

That’s a pretty strange definition of “win” in our book.



Moms Demanding Rights Denial