Massachusetts Medical Society Supports Healey’s Attack on Families


On Tuesday, August 9, 2016 the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) issued a release supporting Attorney General Healey’s politically motivated attack on hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts families.

The President of MMS, James Gessner, stated, “This action will further reduce the number of dangerous firearms in Massachusetts.” This clearly illustrates that the political attack by the Attorney General has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with advancing the “gun control” agenda, namely banning firearms.

There is nothing in Healey’s action that will make a bit of difference in reducing violent crime. There is nothing in Healey’s action that goes after the criminal element, and there is nothing in Healey’s action which addresses the void of available services for patients seeking mental health help.

The MMS should be shamed for backing Healey’s political stunt.

Instead of working within their ranks to fix issues like lackluster and largely unavailable mental health services, we are getting support of abuse. Shouldn’t they be focused on things like opioid addiction, obesity, and mental health? Just to name a few!

The MMS should stick to what they know, refining best practices for medical professionals. Their backing of this politically motivated attack on hundreds of thousands of innocent families brings into question their professionalism and ability to have sound judgment on any issue.

We urge all families to contact the Massachusetts Medical Society and express concern over their reckless support of the Attorney General’s abusive political stunt.

Remind them that people count on their medical professional to be unbiased and to keep politics out of healthcare!

If the MMS maintains their position on this issue, it will be a clear sign that they can’t be counted on to make rational, intelligent decisions when it counts.

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Mass Medical Society Supports Healey Abusing Families
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