We had a great turnout at this year’s Firearms Safety & Education Day for Massachusetts legislators and their staff.   This annual event is a fantastic opportunity for us to share first hand and real knowledge about firearms and give MA legislators and their staff members hands on experience with firearms and live ammunition in a safe and positive environment.

During the course of the day they handle all sorts of firearms and shoot a number of disciplines including; rifle (both rimfire and centerfire), shotgun, revolvers and semi-automatic handguns.  The different disciplines include trap shooting, precision rifle shooting and shooting steel targets with handguns.

At the end of the day the legislators conclude with a very popular “Steel Challenge” match.  The objective of this match is to hit 5 steel targets in the quickest time, speed and accuracy are paramount!

Thank you to Smith & Wesson, Kahr Arms, Auto Ordnance, Federal Ammunition, Vista Outdoor Products, NSSF, OSOK Industries, GemTech Suppressors, American Suppressor Association and especially everyone at Old Colony Sportsmen’s Association!


Group photo, thank you to everyone who attended!


A group gets instruction prior to beginning their rotation at the IDPA range.


We were lucky to have such great instructors who worked all day long with many new shooters.


The IDPA Range was a busy place!


Rep. Angelo D’Emilia firing a revolver


The Steel Challenge is fun and addictive, here’s a shot of the set up. How fast can you hit all five targets?


Steel Challenge winner Rep. Tim Whelan in action.


Rep. Joe McKenna slinging some brass on the Steel Challenge range.


Steel Challenge winners and staff.


The Steel Challenge top guns!


Rep. Tim Whelan won the steel challenge match with a very respectable time of 2.44!


Rep. Dave Muradian took second in the steel challenge.


Rep. Joe McKenna took third in the steel challenge.


Getting instruction on the trap range, we had a beautiful day!


Rep. Steve Howitt getting instruction on the rifle range. He is pictured here with a Remington 700 which was fitted with a GemTech silencer, this rifle really opened the eyes of many in attendance regarding the many benefits of shooting with a silencer/suppressor.


Jake McGuigan of the National Shooting Sports Foundation gives instruction to a participant using a Smith & Wesson .22 caliber AR15 style rifle.


The Auto Ordnance Thompson is always a popular gun at the rifle range.


Rep. Shaunna O’Connell takes aim on the trap range.

Firearms Safety & Education Day for MA Legislators

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  • June 9, 2015 at 12:21 AM

    Gee, I must have missed the pics of Ed Markey and Elizabet Warren being there.
    I would love to see a full list of names of those lawmakers that did attend.

    On another note, Did Obama’s latest unconstitutional back door scheme to shut down gun blogs, web sites etc have anything to do with The Gun Wire disappearing suddenly?
    If this plan isn’t a blatant violation of the 1st, 2nd and possibly the 5th Amendment that should trigger Impeachment proceedings against Obama, then we all might as well give up and turn in our guns cause we won’t stop this guy if we don’t go after him and put him on the defensive instead of us every week.
    Million dollar fines, 20 year prison sentences????? Who is the lunatic here???

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