Have you ever gone hiking with a friend who tells you, “don’t worry about it, this is an easy climb”. Hours later you’re panting, out of water and 6 false summits from the top…

The recent proposal regarding discussion of firearms in Lexington felt a lot like this hike.

Imagine being invited to participate in a discussion. You happily oblige, you arrive at the time and place, excited to get going, eager to participate. The conversation begins and everything that’s being said to you is wrong, the facts being presented as supporting evidence are anything but. Not only that, the people who are sitting on the other side of the table, already have their minds set on what the outcome of this discussion should be. Their faith in what they accept, as truth, cannot be shaken.

It quickly becomes abundantly clear that you have wasted your time and efforts in preparation, that you’re not welcome to the discussion and that nothing you have to say is being heard, or accepted.

Total futility.

Last night the town of Lexington invited citizens and anyone who was interested, to attend their town meeting, where they would be discussing and voting on Article 34, of the 2016 town meeting warrant.

For those that don’t know, Article 34 started as a ban on many commonly owned firearms and magazines. This was quickly changed to a non-binding resolution when Lexington’s board of selectmen and chief of police refused to support a ban of any sort.

The problem with the current resolution is two-fold. First, it is written in a manner that is more of an instruction to discuss a resolution to present to the MA legislature that MA laws regarding firearms are inadequate, than it is a resolution to begin actual fair and balanced discussion.

It has a pre-determined outcome, “to inform the Great and General Court of its concern that existing Massachusetts laws regarding assault weapons (M.G.L. c. 140, § 131M) may not sufficiently protect citizens of the Commonwealth, and Lexington.

If we know the outcome, why are we going to bother talking? The second issue regarding the article is that Lexington’s League of Women Voters have been selected to be the host and moderator. The LWV is known to be in collusion with Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown, a well-known group intent on destroying the Second Amendment. Furthermore, the LWV testified against the Second Amendment at every opportunity during the Chapter 284 hearings of 2014 held across the Commonwealth.

Getting back to last night in Lexington, after two hours of discussion, much of it dominated by the article’s proponent, Robert Rotberg, who presented “facts” that were pure fallacy, Lexington’s Town Meeting Members halted debate and voted to halt discussion and vote on Article 34.  They excluded many people who waited hours to speak, so much for “discussion”.

The vote that followed reflected that the town meeting members were in favor of the kangaroo court outlined by Article 34.

Going forward, we would love to participate in a discussion about real solutions to problems prevalent in today’s society. Let’s take them on and talk about how we can better help individuals with mental illness, let’s talk about the recidivism rate for violent criminals in MA that is greater than 40%, let’s talk about America’s failed war on drugs and how that has fueled inner city violence for decades.

To have a real, meaningful discussion, both sides need to listen and participate, so far, only one side has listened, the other has been too busy broadcasting propaganda supplied by the Second Amendment hating billionaire.

We hope that changes soon.

Let’s Talk Lexington
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