August 3, 2017

The GOAL Board of Directors has elected a new president of the board.

Jim Finnerty, who served a term as First Vice President has been selected by the board to serve a term as president. Jim brings decades of firearms experience to the position, is an NRA Reloading, Basic Pistol, and Home Firearms Safety instructor, 3-gun participant, and egg shoot enthusiast. He is also a manufacturer, collector, and an avid target shooter and hunter.

In addition to hosting reloading classes, Jim holds a Type 07 Federal Firearms License (Firearms Manufacturer), and is a Massachusetts-licensed firearms dealer, ammo seller, and gunsmith. He is also an S.O.T. and NFA (Class III) dealer.

Jim also runs – where he conducts a monthly clinic entitled “How to Own a Gun in Massachusetts”. This is geared for new shooters and people that have recently moved to MA from out of state. This class includes the NRA Home Firearms Safety course, along with a primer on MA gun laws, and a step-by-step explanation of the permitting process.

Jim’s experience and enthusiasm for firearms and the Second Amendment makes him a great choice for the top spot, we are lucky to have him.


Jim Finnerty Elected As President of GOAL Board
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