GOAL Executive Director Jim Wallace testified today, before the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security on behalf of GOAL’s 16K members, representing more than 450K licensed gun owners.  Please take action and call the committee members and your state legislators – see information below.


GOAL Executive Director Jim Wallace testifies. Following Jim are John Hohenwater of the NRA, Jake McGuigen of the NSSF and Knox Williams of the American Suppressor Association.

We would like to thank everyone who came out today and attended in support.

Please follow up today’s testimony with phone calls and emails to the committee members and also your state representative and senator.

Please support:

  • H.1296 – An Act Relative To Constitutional Rights, filed by Representative James Miceli. This is a preemption bill, necessary because MA public officials have shown time and again that they will not follow due process in their quest to pass new – restrictive gun control laws. This will put a stop to the abuse and remove their authority over our Second Amendment rights.
  • S.1316 – An Act relative to the sale of firearms, filed by Senator Anne Gobi. This bill removes the “copies and duplicates” language from Section 121 of chapter 140, thus removing the power of A.G. Healey’s July 2016 enforcement notice.
  • S.1326 – An Act Clarifying Firearms Oversight, filed by Senator Don Humason. This bill removes regulatory authority from the attorney general via consumer protection laws.

Please oppose:

  • H.1281 – An Act Closing the Assault Weapon Magazine Loophole, filed by Rep. Linsky, this legislation would make all magazines that hold more than ten rounds illegal to possess in MA.
  • H.2495 – An Act to require liability insurance for gun ownership, filed by Rep. Linsky, this legislation would criminalize firearms ownership in MA with a penalty of up to one year in prison for not having insurance. It will also give the state authority over the insurance requirements.
  • H.3610 – An Act relative to firearms and firearms violence – This is another version of the “Extreme Risk Protection Order” bill that we have covered before – the legislation would enable stripping of civil rights without due process.
  • S.1298 – An Act relative to firearms and firearms violence – filed by Senator Creem. This bill will ad an additional tax to firearm and ammunition sales as a means of funding violence prevention initiatives.

Please click here to view all of the bills to be heard.

Take Action!
Please follow up and call the committee members 617-722-1485 (senate) & 617-722-2230 (house) in regard to the above-mentioned bills as well as all of the legislation to be heard. Also, please call and email your legislators today regarding the legislation to be heard.

Support: H.1239, H.1246, H.1247, H.1253, H.1265, H.1278, H.1284, H.1285, H.1287, H.1290, H.1296, H.1309, H.1310, H.1315, H.1319, H.2485, H.2496, H.2497, H.2507, H.2508, H.2510, H.2512, H.3254, H.3260, S.1309, S.1315, S.1316, S.1317, S.1319, S.1320, S.1321, S.1322, S.1323, S.1324, S.1325, S.1326, S.1338, S.1339, S.1340, S.1354, S.1365

Oppose: H.1280, H.1281, H.1282, H.1283, H.2495, H.3271, H.3610, H.3611, S.1292, S.1298, S.1302

2A Restriction In MA – At A Glance


GOAL Testifies At Public Hearing
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