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City of Lowell Illegally Restricting Civil Right.


Northborough, Massachusetts – January 20, 2016.


GOAL is greatly disappointed by the recent decision of the Lowell City Council to impose illegal, additional restrictions upon citizens of the city that wish to lawfully carry a firearm.


The new proposal, which mandates additional training and fees, is akin to the poll tax of old. Simply put, it is designed to discourage people from pursuing lawful carry of firearms, a right recognized by our Second Amendment and the U.S. Supreme Court.


“This policy, like most, will have no effect on crime in Lowell and will not be a deterrent towards those who illegally acquire firearms.” Said GOAL’s Executive Director Jim Wallace.


Mr. Wallace also expressed disappointment with the policy. “The policy goes above and beyond statute outlined by our laws, there is certainly no need to go above what many already consider the nations toughest gun laws. I am very disappointed by this as Lowell, once again, is hassling those who try to follow the law, this time in an illegal fashion.”


Mr. Wallace said that his group will vigorously oppose the decision by Lowell’s City Council.


“This is an illegal attack on a civil right. They wouldn’t think of doing this to our right to a fair trial, our right to vote, or any other right. Attacking the Second Amendment is no less acceptable.”



GOAL Executive Director, James Wallace, 361 W. Main St. Northboro, MA. 01532

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About GOAL: Gun Owners’ Action League (GOAL) is the Commonwealths longest established Second Amendment advocacy group. They are 100% member supported and work across the Commonwealth towards protecting and restoring Second Amendment rights for the residents of Massachusetts. Please see for more information.

GOAL Statement On Lowell LTC Policy