Northborough, MA, October 6, 2017

Today the Gun Owners’ Action League of Massachusetts released a statement on the now controversial “bump fire stocks”, which create a machine gun like effect when attached to a semi-automatic rifle. These non-serialized devices were found to be compliant with existing law by the Obama Administration Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and as a result many law abiding Americans purchased them.

After the horrific attack in Las Vegas, many politicians, without knowing all of the facts, immediately launched into Second Amendment attack mode. Now, days later, we know very little about the brutal attack, other than the victims it left behind. Far too often the same cast of characters try to turn tragedies into political opportunity without any substantial knowledge of what or who was involved. This latest incident is no different.

As for the now controversial “bump fire stock”, GOAL has no crystal ball, it appears that the federal and state government are going down the road of further regulation of these items. What that means or what it will eventually look like, no one can yet say.

Here is what we do know.

The National Rifle Association has made public statements encouraging the BATFE to review the “bump fire stocks” as an NFA item.

On the state level there at least two pieces of legislation that have been filed in regards to these devices.

The first, HD.4266 filed by Rep. David Linsky (D) Natick, would outright ban possession of “bump fire stocks” in the Commonwealth. The bill would also ban lawful possession and ownership of currently legal magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition manufactured prior to September 14, 1994. Essentially repealing an established grandfathering of these items. This bill is simply a flat out attack on our civil rights and does not offer any path to lawful ownership.

The second bill, (no bill number yet available) filed by Senator Bruce Tarr (R) First Essex & Middlesex, would add these devices under the state definition of machine guns. Thus anyone in possession of such items would be required to have a machine gun license or acquire one issued by the state. This bill offers a path to lawful ownership and seems to be more in line with the National Rifle Association’s position.

As we move through these incredibly troubled times, GOAL will keep our members informed as to any new developments on the federal or state level.

GOAL Statement On Bumpfire Stocks
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