Impressed with the Grassroots Efforts of Its Membership to Oppose Nomination

NORTHBOROUGH, MA – The Gun Owners’ Action League of Massachusetts (GOAL) today condemned Governor Baker on his appointment of anti-civil rights assistant attorney Chris Barry-Smith to the MA Superior Court. GOAL and its membership strongly opposed the nomination due to Barry-Smith’s participation in the July decision by Attorney General Healey’s office to unilaterally invent new gun laws – making hundreds of thousands of lawful citizens into felons in waiting.

“The million-dollar question is why would Gov. Baker nominate someone that has a track record of attacking people’s second amendment civil rights – and has absolutely no criminal trial experience – to a Superior Court position,” said Jim Wallace, Executive Director of GOAL. “It is clear that the Governor cannot be counted on to represent and protect the civil rights of all citizens. It is also clear that our member’s aggressive grassroots efforts have brought attention to a very broken judicial nominating system in the Commonwealth.”

GOAL openly protested Barry-Smith confirmation hearings and activated its grassroots membership to oppose the nomination. By activating its grassroots, GOAL members flooded the Governor’s office and Governor’s Council with emails and phone calls.

Barry-Smith was confirmed today by the Governor’s Council in a 5 – 3 decision that resulted in what will undoubtedly be another anti-civil rights activist judge.

GOAL would like to thank its membership for the hard fought battle despite the outcome.

GOAL Condemns Baker Appointee
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