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Northborough, Massachusetts – December 15, 2015 – GOAL comments on recent statement by Stop Handgun Violence.

GOAL is disappointed to see so many media reports running “facts” from John Rosenthal of Stop Handgun Violence without challenge.

Mr. Rosenthal likes to claim that the “nations toughest gun laws” of the Commonwealth are responsible for a reduction in crime rates and “gun violence”. He is leaving out key information though, namely that for over two decades violent crime, including crime committed with firearms, had dropped exponentially across the country, the national violent crime rate now matches that of 1959.

During this same time period the majority of states have repealed anti Second Amendment laws. Tens of millions of citizens have legally purchased firearms in the wake of these changes. It is estimated that there are >100 million legally owned firearms in the United States *and the violent crime rate has dropped.

No reasonable person can look at these numbers and say that lawful gun ownership leads to an increase in violent crime.

It also needs to be noted that S.H.V. likes to include suicide by gun in their “gun violence” stats. Clearly these are two separate issues and should be addressed as such. Lumping these statistics together is an intentional deception designed to make people believe there is a crisis.

The Commonwealth would be much better served if our legislature focused their efforts on real issues like the opioid addiction crisis, which has claimed thousands of lives over the last two years.



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*FBI statistics

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