Please take action today!  Representatives Colleen Garry and Kate Campanale have written a letter to their colleagues in the state house urging them to support two of GOAL’s critical self-defense bills.

These bills are H.736 An Act Relative to Violent Protection Order Violations filed by Rep. Kate Campanale, and H.2492 An Act Relative to Defensive Electric Devicesfiled by Rep. Colleen Garry.

Take Action!

Please call your state representative and state senator TODAY at 617-722-2000.  Please urge your state representative and senator to contact Rep. Garry’s office and add their signature of support to Rep. Garry and Rep. Campanale’s letter.

Info: The United States Supreme Court ruled in Caetano v. Massachusetts (2016) that the state’s ban on stun guns is unconstitutional and out of touch with traditional self-defense options.  H.2492 will move Massachusetts in line with the majority of the country, where purchase and possession of these devices requires no license.  H.736 will make invaluable information about self-defense options available for women, and others, who have filed for a protection order.  Rep. Campanale stated it perfectly, “No one should have to second guess defending themselves for fear of legal repercussions; this bill will empower victims of domestic abuse across the state.”

Please help us move these bills forward, make a call today!

H. 736, An Act Relative to Violent Protection Order Violations requires the state to produce materials that detail all available self-defense options and what it takes to obtain them. The bill would also protect victims from being sued by their attackers. There is also language preventing revocation of a valid firearms license should a licensed individual be forced to use armed self-defense. The bill is currently referred to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary and has yet to be scheduled for a hearing.

H. 2492, An Act Relative to Defensive Electric Devices repeals a decades old ban on the sale of electronic self-defense devices in the Commonwealth, more commonly known as stun guns, and makes them available for public purchase without a license.  It is currently referred to the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security

Critical Self Defense Legislation Needs Your Support!
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