With Attorney General Healey in power your vote as a resident of Massachusetts no longer matters.

We are still hearing from people who don’t grasp what AG Healey did and why it is so egregious. It can be easily explained using cars.

Let’s use sports cars

Let’s say that the federal government defined any sports car with a V8, mag wheels and ground effects “assault cars” and made them illegal to own or possess.

Now, let’s say that the state of MA adopted the same law.

For 20 years nobody could own a sports car configured this way. You could have them with a V6 and regular wheels, but the V8, etc. would get you arrested.

Remember, this was clearly defined by both federal and state law.

Now, along comes Maura Healey, she wants to ban all sports cars because she thinks everyone should drive an electric car.

What does she do? She holds a press conference and writes an op-ed that appears in the Globe, declaring that ALL sports cars are illegal because they are “copycats” of the V8 model with the mag wheels and ground effects. She declares them “copycat assault cars”, declares them illegal, declares that the purchase of all sports cars over the last 20 years was a crime which included a 10 year felony. She then states that she wasn’t going to prosecute the people who already owned these illegal sports cars, but that they are illegal and that she would prosecute anyone who purchased, transferred or sold one of these “copycat assault cars”.

Healey acted alone, there was no due process, no public input, no members of the legislature debated her enforcement notice and the governor never signed it into law, yet, most licensed gun owners are now felons in waiting with a ten year felony charge hanging over their head. (she also wrote that her enforcement notice is open to change at her discretion)

What Healey did wasn’t about guns, it was about the erosion of due process, it was about her advancing a political agenda for her personal gain, it was about her usurping the power of the legislature, it was about her muting the voice of the voters of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It is wrong, to say otherwise is a distortion of the truth.

With Healey in power your vote as a resident of Massachusetts no longer matters.

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What AG Healey Did – Explained With Sports Cars
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