Click here to download GOAL’s Candidate Questionnaire

GOAL encourages all candidates that are running for office to submit a candidate questionnaire.

Please note, candidates who receive a % grade are challengers, the grade is based on their answers on our candiate questionnaire. Incumbents with a legislative record receive letter grades.

Green Highlight = GOAL ENDORSED

Additional Information:

1st District – U.S. Congress
Rating Name Party Incumbent
F Richard Neal D Yes
2nd District – U.S. Congress
F Jim McGovern D Yes
100% Tracy Lovvorn R No
3rd District – U.S. Congress
NR Lori Trahan D No
NR Rick Green R No
4th District – U.S. Congress
F Joseph Kennedy III D Yes
5th District – U.S. Congress
F Katherine Clark D Yes
100% John Hugo R No
6th District – U.S. Congress
F Seth Moulton D Yes
NR Joseph Schneider R No
7th District – U.S. Congress
NR Ayanna Pressley D No
8th District – U.S. Congress
F Stephen Lynch D Yes
9th District – U.S. Congress
F William Keating D Yes
NR Peter Tedeschi R No
U.S. Senate
F Elizabeth Warren D Yes
A* Geoff Diehl R No
NR Shiva Ayyadurai I No
NR John Devine I No
NR Joshua Ford I No
U.S. Senate
F Edward Markey (up for reelection in 2020) D Yes