CNN is running a shameful anti rights propaganda piece today in which they try to connect Dylan Roof to AR15 rifles, the story also mentions the Clinton AWB of 1994, yet somehow neglects to include that Columbine happened right in the middle of the ban. They also neglect to mention that the AR type rifle, or any rifle for that matter is used in less than 3% of violent crimes.

The story also tries to paint a picture of “thank god Roof didn’t have an AR15” yet, they neglect to mention that he was able to kill everyone he wanted to kill, with a handgun, despite reloading a reported 5 times (they also neglect to mention that, as it goes against the high capacity magazine propaganda).

It’s sad that our news has turned into outright propaganda designed to elicit an emotional response and propel attacks on our basic human rights.

We’ll save you the trouble of clicking through here’s the story:

Charleston racist shooter Roof wanted an AR-15; had magazines, accessory

(CNN)As Charleston gradually lays to rest nine shooting victims from last week’s church massacre, a police report reveals self-confessed shooter Dylann Roof had wanted a much deadlier weapon.

Earlier this year, he told an officer he wanted an AR-15 assault rifle.

A search of Roof’s car turned up six crescent-shaped, 40-round magazines in the trunk.

“That’s scary,” former U.S. Attorney and State Law Enforcement Division Director Reggie Lloyd told The State newspaper, which first reported the development.

“We ought to be thankful he never got his hands on an AR-15.”

The emphasis is from us, what a ridiculous thing to report, as we mentioned above, Roof was able to kill everyone in the church that he wished to kill with the handgun.

Drug bust

Police had an eye on Roof for months before he shot dead nine African-American worshipers in cold blood on June 17. An officer arrested him on drug possession in late February.

During the bust, something bothered the officer. Roof had been asking suspicious questions at a shopping mall, The State reported: When does it close? And how many people work there?

Group that inspired church shooter is tax-exempt
Group that inspired church shooter is tax-exempt 02:38

The officer made note of the suspicious questions in a police report. Roof was released after the drug arrest on his own recognizance.

Magazines found

Then, on March 13, the same officer spotted Roof loitering in his car for hours at a public park. He was wearing all black, the police report said.

Because the officer was off-duty at the time, he alerted another to investigate. The second officer asked Roof if he could search the car. Roof complied. That’s when the 40-round magazines turned up.

Roof also had a forearm for an AR-15 in his trunk. It allows a shooter to more easily keep a grip on the rifle, as the barrel grows fiery hot from the shots pouring out of it.

Really CNN?

The church massacre

Police say Roof used .45 caliber handgun to carry out the church attack, stopping several times to reload.

An AR-15 fires more rounds per magazine and is more accurate at a longer range.

“This is frightening,” State NAACP President Lonnie Randolph told The State. Roof was clearly thinking of killing more people, he said.

The white supremacist couldn’t come up with the cash to get the big gun, he told an officer. He said he wanted it to take to a firing range, according to a Columbia police report.

On June 17, Roof toted the .45 Glock semi-automatic handgun it into a Bible study class at the Emanuel AME church in Charleston, where he sat with his victims through an hour’s lesson before announcing he was there to kill black people.

Roof massacred nine, including Rev. Clementa Pinckney, who will be buried on Friday.

The story goes on from there to discuss the memorial service and a few other things.

It’s really sad that “news” networks have stooped to this level.

CNN Uses Murder To Push Gun Control Agenda