It looks like the MA legislature, in their haste to “do something” made a major procedural error that has brought the budget bill and accompanying bump stock amendments to a grinding halt.

10/23/17  Update On Bump Stock Legislation

No Action On Bump Stock – Budget Bills

October 20, 2017

The budget bill debate currently at the State House, which includes the bump stock amendment(s) has come to a screeching halt due to a procedural error by the legislature. The error was created when the two legislative bodies neglected to vote on the same bill. Technically the senate was supposed to accept the house budget bill and then amend and vote. Instead they used, amended, and voted on their own bill, and this has caused the budget to come to a standstill as both sides are unsure at to how to proceed.

GOAL Exec. Director Jim Wallace has been at the State House every day awaiting word as to when the legislation will be back in play.

According to the information we have, the budget has to be signed by Governor Baker by midnight on October 31, 2017 so we expect something to happen soon.

GOAL will alert our membership as necessary.

You can also check out this story from on the issue.

For more info about this, please see our post from last week on the issue.

Bump Stock Ban Update – Oops
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