Yesterday, the house in a nearly unanimous vote passed an overly broad amendment to the house budget bill, H.3951.  The amendment (#1) was sponsored by Representative David Linsky (D) Natick.

Take Action: Please call your State Senator ASAP at the MA State House, 617-722-2000 and urge them to oppose Linsky’s amendment language passed by the MA House in entirety.  Click here to look up your state senator’s phone number
Yesterday, with no warning, the Massachusetts House of Representatives approved an emergency amendment to their budget based on legislation filed by Representative David Linsky (D) Natick. They voted it through with only three no votes.
The language of the amendment was in three parts. The first outlines a ban on components that can be added to a firearm, rifle, or shotgun that could increase the rate of fire, “Whoever possesses, owns or offers for sale any device which attaches to a rifle, shotgun or firearm, except a magazine, that is designed to increase the rate of discharge of the rifle, shotgun or firearm or whoever modifies any rifle, shotgun or firearm with the intent to increase its rate of discharge, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison by not less than 3 nor more than 20 years.”
The second part states that the bill, “shall take effect 180 days after the effective date of this act.”
The third part states, “The Secretary of Public Safety shall promulgate regulations by January 1, 2018 concerning the allowability of maintenance and enhancement of rifles, shotguns and firearms consistent with the intent of this section.”
The budget, including this amendment, will be voted on by the Massachusetts State Senate tomorrow.
Please call your State Senator ASAP at the MA State House, 617-722-2000 and urge them to oppose this language in entirety.
The first part of the amendment is loosely worded and doesn’t provide definition as to what rate of fire is. As written it will include any gun including a bolt-action rifle or pump shotgun. In other words, if a bolt-action rifle is modified so that the bolt can operate with more ease, or less friction, it could be considered a felony.
The third part is extremely egregious, as it will give the state regulatory authority over the maintenance and enhancement of all firearms.  Can you imagine what our Attorney General will do with this?
Also, thank you Representatives Peter Durant, Donald Berthiaume of Spencer, and Nick Boldyga of Southwick. The only members of #MAHouse with the courage to protect our constitution and not vote for the amendment attached to the budget today.
Here is the alert sent last night by the NRA

NRA Alert:
Massachusetts: Gun Control Bill on the Move

Today, without considering the unintended effects of such poorly thought out legislation, the Massachusetts state House of Representatives passed Amendment 1 attached to House Bill 3951 with overreaching language that would ban modifications commonly made to firearms by law-abiding citizens. The state Senate could be considering this bill as early as tomorrow. Please contact your senator and urge them to OPPOSE this legislation!
Offered by state Representative David Linsky (D-5th Middlesex), Amendment 1 bans “any device which attaches to a [firearm]… that is designed to increase the rate of discharge” or the modification of any firearm “with the intent to increase its rate of discharge.” This broad language could be easily interpreted to ban match grade triggers, ergonomic enhancements, recoil reducing weights, muzzle brakes, and other modifications that countless law-abiding gun owners utilize in order to make their firearms more user friendly and suitable for self-defense, competition, hunting, and even adapting to physical disability. Many of these modifications simply make it easier to deliver accurate and controlled shots with less physical discomfort for the shooter without fundamentally changing the mechanics of how a firearm operates.

In addition, Amendment 1 would give the Secretary of Public Safety unprecedented regulatory authority to implement this ban along with violations being punished with a mandatory minimum sentence of three years imprisonment.

Currently, at the urging of Congress, ATF is reviewing whether its prior determinations regarding bump-fire stocks are correct. Any legislation in this area should wait for this review to be complete so an accurate assessment of the applicable federal law is available.

Again, please contact your Senator and urge them to oppose this legislation.

Bump Fire Stock Ban Alert
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