Essex update.

Good news!

The anti freedom article was overwhelmingly defeated last night.

November 17, 2015

Here’s an email received by GOAL from a member in attendance:

Dear GOAL,

I want to thank you again for helping to get the word out. The attendance to vote against Article 4 was overwhelming. A large portion of those in attendance were there last night in response to your email campaign which they had received directly or the email had been shared from a friend.

The Board of Selectmen had been feeling the heat over the past couple of weeks and “postponed Article 4 indefinitely” at the meeting floor, but from what I understand they will be redrafting this for a future town meeting. If anything develops, I will keep you posted.

Again, thank you to you and the entire GOAL staff for all that you do.

Please note, we were able to succeed with this because one of our members took the time to read the town meeting warrant. Otherwise we would not have caught it and it most likely would have passed. Please take the time to check your town’s website and read over the warrant as town meetings approach, we need to stay vigilant and be proactive.

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Anti Freedom Article Defeated In Essex Last Night