State Senator Cynthia Creem Files S.2063 One Gun A Month Bill – GOAL is asking all licensed gun owners to take action to stop this overreach, see below for details.

Massachusetts State Senator Cynthia Creem has filed S.2063, “An Act relative to preventing illegal trafficking of firearms”.  If this bill were to pass as written it would limit licensed gun owners to being able to purchase/transfer one gun a month.  It would also criminalize private firearms sales and transfers conducted using the MA web portal for recording transactions.

There is a public hearing scheduled for December 19th, 2017, hosted by the Joint Committee on Public Safety & Homeland Security in Room B1 of the State House at 11:00 AM.

If you are a licensed gun owner, or just tired of the constant stream of “straw man” legislation from our state legislature, please plan on attending to speak out against this nonsense bill. Also, please contact the committee chairs (see link) and tell them “No on S.2063”.

See link for more info – to read the bill

Take Action – Please call the committee chairs and your state legislators in opposition to S.2063, then follow up with email!

Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security contact info.

Senator Mike Moore

Representative Harold Naughton

Also, please contact YOUR state legislators and urge them to contact the committee chairs in opposition to S.2063.

Talking points:

MA already has some of the strongest gun trafficking laws on the books, they are rarely, if ever enforced.  If gun trafficking is such an issue, where are the arrests?  If arrests are being made, where are the prosecutions?  What issue is Senator Creem trying to address here?

If there IS a problem of guns being trafficked from out of state, how is making it illegal for licensed gun owners in Massachusetts to purchase a firearms privately, or more than once a month going to curb that?

If the issue is one of MA gun owners making multiple straw purchases (already highly illegal) where are the arrests/prosecutions?  How is making it “more illegal” going to deter people who already disregard the law?


Alert – One Gun A Month Bill Public Hearing December 19th