AG Healey is circulating a media story today regarding the AWB passed in 1994 and how it’s “at the center of controversy” regarding what’s happened over the last month.

That’s exactly what they want people who are uninformed about the issue to think.  They want people to believe that this is about the “heroic efforts of Healey” taking on the “gun lobby”.

The real story is quite different.

The story here is that the “gun lobby” is every gun owner in Massachusetts.  There are over four hundred thousand licensed gun owners here.  We have taken lessons, paid fees and submitted ourselves to background checks.  We are among the most highly vetted individuals in the state.  We are the “gun lobby”, we are your neighbor, we are standing next to you at youth soccer and in line with you at the local coffee shop.  She’s going after us.

The story here is that our AG pulled a political stunt that on the outside seems as if she’s “doing something”.

The story is that she has usurped the legislature and muted the voice of voters with her enforcement notice, which features a list of banned firearms that is all encompassing due to it being so vague, it also changes daily.

The story is that nothing in the enforcement notice resembles anything in existing state or federal law.  The “interpretations” noted in the notice are vastly different than those found in Chief Ron Glidden’s MA GUN LAW book which has been a source for law enforcement and government since 1998.

The story is that the above-mentioned daily changes of the enforcement notice are due to her office continuously making mistakes with the wording. These mistakes are caused by her office having limited knowledge of MA gun laws and zero knowledge of firearms.

The story is that the details of her enforcement notice are posted in a Q&A section on her website.

The story is that her actions are so ridiculous and bizarre that she is threatening a ten-year felony sentence to anyone who fails to follow the “Q&A” section on the above mentioned website.

The story is that this is a gross abuse of power and a massive overstep by AG Healey.

AG Healey – The REAL Story
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