Senator Brewer, S.661, and "Stand Your Ground"

Common Defense Bill
It is certainly not news to anyone that GOAL’s Common Defense bill, S.661, has come under attack since the Martin/Zimmerman incident was hyped up and turned into a media frenzy. 

Our good friend Senator Stephen Brewer who has been the sponsor of this legislation for 3 consecutive sessions got caught up in this mess. The media and those who oppose our right to self defense have unfairly attacked S.661 and the Senator for sponsoring it. It always amazes me when our opposition takes advantage of situations like the one in Florida to equate a piece of legislation that would recognize our natural right of self defense to street gun violence.  GOAL members owe the good Senator a debt of gratitude for standing his ground and supporting our civil rights.

As for the Martin/Zimmerman incident itself, there are several very important things we have learned thus far. The first is that no one I have spoken to can attest to what exactly happened between the two men. All we know for sure is one person is dead and the other has had his life destroyed and is facing prosecution.

One thing we do know; the media fabricated and creatively edited the evidence it presented to the general public. Their bias and greed for attention caused a national uproar as the edited 911 tapes it presented were doctored to make it appear that Zimmerman was a racist out looking for trouble. The grossly irresponsible manner in which the media acted actually placed more people in danger as protests broke and threats against Zimmerman’s life came from radical groups seeking phony “justice”. If we, the citizen’s, ever needed any proof that the general media is no longer worthy of our trust we certainly have it now.

Ironically, if this case has proven one thing, it's that it actually proves that we need the Common Defense bill more than ever. We don’t know if Zimmerman is guilty or not, but as it relates to this type of incident GOAL’s bill only seeks to establish protections for lawful citizens who find themselves in a life or death self defense situation.

Unfortunately, one of the things lawful gun owners need protection from most of all is a biased persecution style media. Short of taking away the freedom of the press, I don’t think there is any legislation that is going to fix that.

Thank you again Senator Brewer, you are a good person trying to protect our civil rights.

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