Voting For Someone

Voting For Someone

April 12, 2011

For quite some time I have heard nothing but complaints from voters all over the nation concerning the candidates on any given ballot. While there are certainly some politicians or candidates on the local level that voters get excited about supporting, the same cannot always be said for the higher offices.

Recently I asked a few people in casual conversation if they had ever voted FOR someone. The immediate response from most was – “Of course I have, I voted.” I clarified my question by asking them who was it that you actually voted FOR, not voted for candidate X because you were actually voting against the other candidate. Understanding my question better, the flood gates of complaints opened up.

Most everyone complained that they were sick of voting for the “lesser of two evils.” Still others voiced their frustration that there have not been any recent candidates that actually stood for their ideals. Far too many candidates in any party run to the center for election and then take off in different tangents after they are elected.

One of the fairly new issues with the Presidential elections is the invasion of the other party’s primary. In some states like Massachusetts voters have the right to vote in either party’s primary. In recent years there has been a strategy of voting in the opposition’s primary in an attempt to knock out their top candidate. For instance, in the last Presidential primary a host of voters invaded the Democrat primary in an attempt to unseat Hillary Clinton. For better or worse, the strategy actually worked. One of the major problems with the success of that strategy is that if it continues to work, it could lead to the deterioration of the American election process.

Many voters will admit that they only voted for someone to actually vote against the other candidate, the future of elections and who represents us could be drastically changed if that fine line is crossed. All one needs to do is look at the current sitting President to understand the dangers of completely flipping a system of voting. The result in the last election gave us a fringe Presidential candidate that actually won.

There is certainly a fringe sector of society that has been drooling over such an opportunity and it has proven very harmful to our nation. I can even remember the night of the election when national news anchors remarked that this is the first time they could recall a candidate winning that was such an unknown entity. Of course had these people paid any attention to the facts that were so obviously out there they might have learned something.

In any case, the last Presidential election was the first perfect storm of the new election strategy. One could argue, I suppose, that this new strategy kept a particular enemy out of office. The problem still remains that the strategy resulted in an enemy that had no history that would have provided the experience necessary to run a country. Policies and politics aside, if we continue on a path that puts incredibly inexperienced and potentially incompetent people in the most powerful position in the world we are all in serious trouble regardless of our political leanings.

What this nation needs is true leaders to once again be supported for high office. It has been bad enough that we had become a nation of voters yearning for someone vote FOR. That frustration will morph us onto a path of destruction if we are not careful. The election of the highest office in our nation should be about electing the best of the best, instead we are speeding towards a system that elects the worst of the worst. Prior to the next Presidential election let’s work towards finding candidates we want to vote FOR and set this country back on the track to greatness once again.


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  • 4/22/2011 5:36 AM Erik wrote:
    Unfortunately, the ones that people actually would vote FOR, normally don't end up making it past the primaries. And many more don't even make it that far, due to a lack of funding for their campaign (and that's on both sides).

    I fear people will always vote against someone (because of political ideologies, and nothing more), rather than vote for someone. Heck, I know a few people that voted for someone whose policies and politics they were against, just so they wouldn't be labeled as racist.
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