Will You Help Make History? Vote for Scott Brown for U.S. Senate

On Tuesday, January 19, 2010 the citizens of Massachusetts have a once in a lifetime opportunity to send a message to Washington D.C. that will resonate around the world!

The election on Tuesday is not about Democrat vs. Republican. It isn’t even just about our Second Amendment civil rights, while that is certainly a priority for GOAL members. This election is about sending a clear message to the entrenched political machine in Washington D.C. that an elected seat of any kind belongs to the people and not to a family dynasty, political party or any other entity.

As Thomas Jefferson once said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” It should be obvious to all that we have not come to that point yet, but it should also be clear to everyone that our nation’s capital has become a tyrant in of itself. While this is not a physical battle, we certainly have an opportunity on Tuesday to spill some political blood and recapture some of our authority over our government. In this battle, your weapon is your vote!

As our forefathers did many years ago when they rallied the local patriots at the Concord Bridge, it is time for us to rally our fellow patriots. We urge you to rally your family, your friends, your neighbors and armed with their votes go to the polls on Tuesday. Together as a voting modern militia we can retake our freedom and our future! A win for Scott Brown on Tuesday is a win for freedom and it will most certainly become known as the political shot heard round the world.


Scott Brown:

·         Supported GOAL’s Target Shooter’s bill in 2006 allowing the sale of new Olympic Style Target pistols in Massachusetts,

·         Supported the Hunter Education Bill in 2006,

·         Supported the GOAL’s 2004 Reform Bill

o   Created a review board for people who had lost their rights for minor offenses,

o   Created a 90 day grace period for lawful citizens who trying to renew their licenses but were entangled in an unresponsive bureaucracy,

o   Standardized the size of  firearm license


·         When in the House he fought to undo a lot of the mistakes made in the anti-civil rights 1998 Gun Control Act

Martha Coakley:

·         In November of 2009 as Massachusetts Attorney General she filed an Amicus Brief to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court opposing the Second Amendment as an individual civil right. In the brief she cited a post civil war case called Cruikshank to back her position. This case was one of the most anti-civil rights and racist decisions ever handed down and not only ruled against the Second Amendment, but the First as well.

·         Attached regulations to GOAL’s Target Shooters bill after its passage to make it virtually impossible for firearms to pass the standards. Nearly four years after the bill’s passage only three firearms have made the list.

·         Continued the enforcement of the fraudulent handgun regulations that were created through an abuse of the consumer protection laws.


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  • 1/18/2010 9:22 PM Merwin10 wrote:
    Hi All -

    In the last ditch efforts to safe the democratic seat here in Massachusetts the President showed up to show support for Martha Coakley. Besides the $300,000.00 that it took to get air force 1 ready for the flight and the time and cost to fly it to Mass. It also closed the airport for several hours. Most likely cost of the political support over a $1,000,000.00. I don't know about you but that is NOT how I want my Tax Dollars spent! So how many showed up for the president about a 1300 people. Guess the message is we are sick to death with the goings on in Washington.

    The vote that will change everything!

    Mike -
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